Orangeries and Conservatories

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orangeries & conservatories

First, you may well be wondering, what is the difference between an orangery and a conservatory.
The broad answer is that there are no rules. Both tend to be used as an addition to existing homes and help merge the outdoors with new indoor space. The following summary may help make the distinction clearer.
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The truth is that manufacturers often use the two terms inter-changeably. Tell us what you are looking for and we can help you find the perfect solution.


Orangeries have their roots in the big houses of the 18th and 19th centuries and were used for – growing oranges (or at least citrus fruit). In the modern world they tend to have a heavier structure than a conservatory. You will often see that the lower parts of their walls are made of solid materials. The roofs are often flatter and tend to have roof lantern to let in the light. Orangeries may be heavier to construct and are often easier to warm in Winter and to cool in Summer. They can be better at giving you all-year round access to your new extension. One way of thinking of them is that they help move part of your living space into the garden. Because of their relatively solid construction you may have to think more carefully about planning regulations.

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Conservatories tend to be a slightly lighter form of building. This is true both about the way they are constructed and the amount of glass that is used. Usually you will find that they let in more light than you will get from an orangery. You can think of them as being a good way of bringing the garden into the house. A conservatory may also be less demanding in the way of planning regulations. On the downside, it may be harder to heat or cool – although modern systems are now massively better than those on the market even 5 years ago.
That said, if you want a room you can use all year round, then talk to us about warm roofs. You’ll see a separate section on our website for more details.

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