A new life, a new beginning in a room with a view

Imagine you’ve decided to have a new conservatory and then lockdown happens…this is what happened to one of our customers recently. Our clients decided that they no longer wanted a conservatory which could only be used for a few weeks of the year; they wanted something more permanent and usable.

Due to lockdown, the work has taken much longer than any of us anticipated, but thanks to regular communication between the Dovecote team and the customer, this didn’t cause too much of an issue and the project was managed successfully through to completion.

As you’ll see from the photographs, there was an existing conservatory which needed to be taken down, including the base work.


  • A new dwarf wall and high wall to one side was built.  
  • All frames were replaced too.  
  • To crown it off we added a Guardian warm roof with Metrotiles.
  • To finish it off the room was plastered, and downlighters were fitted to give it that contemporary finish.
  • The flooring and decorating were all done by the customers.


A great job all round, and we want to say a big thank to the customers, Mr and Mrs Monkhouse, Steve Lazarus of Lazarus Electrical, Russell Steele of K&R Building Services and Ady Winston for the plastering; all in all a great team effort!

If you and your family are looking for a room which is usable all year round, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us https://dovecotewindows.co.uk/contact/

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